Company Profile

Enviromental policy

Basic idea

OJIYA SEIKI acknowledges that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important problems of the society in the 21st century. We commits to preserve the global environment by conserving rich natural environment and concerning with the limited natural resources in entire manufacturing activities.

Basic policy

OJIYA SEIKI, a manufacturer specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing the precision machining parts and thread gauges, various measuring gauges, air micrometer, air gauge heads which are used for measuring the geometrical and dimensional size of the various industry components, provides our customers all over the worlds various gages products. We perform the following articles to the possible extent in the entire manufacturing activities.

  1. To obey the environment-related regulations and other obligations concurred.
  2. To establish and perform the objectives, targets and plans related to the environmental preservation. A periodical review is carried out to make a continuous improvement of environmental management systems.
  3. To prevent the environmental pollutions, we incorporate the following items.            ①to conduct the waste reduction and the promotion of resources recycling            to promote the resource and energy conservation                     ③to reduce the use of harmful chemical substances                     design and develop the environmentally friendly products
  4. To enhance the consciousness and awareness of the environmental preservation by making our environmental policy known to the employee and the people who are involved with OJIYA SEIKI
  5. Our environment policies are documented and announced to the public.